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The origin of seeds plays a big role, as crucial as the background of a company. Tenax Tree-Plugs & Seeds, which has been run over 20 years by Niels and Cindy Dictus, is an extremely reliable supplier of plug plants and treated tree seeds. Niels continues, largely on his own interpretation, the tradition of the tree nursery dynasty of family Dictus. Encouraged by his father Jan, Niels taught and trained himself in the very conscientious process of stratification; treating tree seeds with water and temperature influences and the associated vitality and germination test.

This test shows, among other things: the germination percentage, the number of germinating seeds per kilo, the thousand grain weight and the pure seed of the batch. After intensive care and a strict selection, only those seeds will remain that are at the point of sprouting and can be sown even on the same day delivery. Thanks to a grower's recipe supplied by Tenax, the seeds will be prepared to germinate evenly. Growers can optimally estimate the number of square meters for sowing, thanks to Tenax' seeds. Tenax pays a great deal of attention to service, quality, uniformity, documentation and the selective purchase of tree seeds from regular and recognized seed suppliers. Evidently, Tenax treats tree seeds that have been purchased or harvested by growers themselves. After a vitality test will be decided whether those seeds are considered suitable for processing into stratified seed material or growing it into plug plants. 

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