About us

Roots and growth of Tenax

Tenax was founded by Niels Dictus and his wife Cindy.
The family name Dictus is synonymous for an a long period of tree growing in the Zundert region. It is not surprising that Niels got affected with th love and fascination for tree cultivation. The fascination was a bit unexpectedly culminated into a successful company that simply grew too big for the previous premises on the edge of the village of Rijsbergen, resulting in a move in 2016 to the further outskirts at the Overasebaan, number 11.

This location offers space for a special germination equipment, storage for seeds and materials, tunnels, container fields and better accessibility. In the coming years, Tenax will continue building on a solid reputation, result of an honest and direct approach where customer satisfaction is paramount. The latter mainly results in a positive energy that motivates the Tenax team to set the bar higher each time.

Impression of Tenax